At Santa Rosa, we take twice as long to grow our trees than most farmers. That's because of our commitment to better farming practices that maintain the land in its pristine condition while delivering a tree that is of the highest quality. Each tree is hand sheared annually, ensuring it is full and lush while maintaining its natural beauty and character so it stands out in your home at Christmas. People will notice the difference!


Certified Naturally Grown is an association of like-minded farmers with headquarters in New York. Most importantly, it is a commitment to a way of farming that works in harmony with nature without relying on synthetic chemicals or GMOs. Our mission is to support and promote sustainable agriculture through peer review certification,  grass roots networking and advocacy.


All the trees grown at Santa Rosa Ranch are local B.C. Douglas Fir.  While we ship our trees anywhere in North America so others can enjoy this wonderful species, when you buy a tree from Santa Rosa you are getting a locally grown product that is completely natural to its environment. You're also supporting local BC business and helping to build Canada's  economy.

Christopher the Christmas Tree - Seal of Quality


Christopher The Christmas Tree is a symbol of Faith, Hope and Love.

He is known around the world from the animated cartoon where he dreams of becoming a Christmas Tree.

Christopher is the perfect symbol for the trees grown at Santa Rosa

because of the sacrifices he makes for a better world,  and his desire

to see his pine cones replanted so there will always be

a "Christopher The Christmas Tree".

Every Santa Rosa tree bears the "Christopher" Seal of Quality label.

If Christopher is not on it, it's not a Santa Rosa tree.