"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

- Wendell Berry, American Conservationist




Next to human beings, the earth is our most precious resource.

Without it, life itself is not possible. All of the trees at Santa Rosa

are "Certified Naturally Grown".

What does that mean?

Certified Naturally Grown is both an official recognition of the way our trees differ from others, and also a commitment to a better way of farming.

At Santa Rosa Ranch we do not use any form of chemicals whatsoever - no fertilizers, no pesticides, no herbicides, no weed killers, not even irrigation of any kind - just regular earth, rain and sun like a tree is supposed to have.

We use only natural means to control pests - like chickens or turkeys to eat grasshoppers. Or trimming new leads after deer eat the stems. We also plant our trees next to a mature forest to ensure no air-born pesticides from anywhere else are able to come in contact with our tree farm.

All of this means that our trees take almost twice as long to grow as cultivated trees do - up to 12-14 years instead of 5-7. But we think it's worth it for so many reasons:


First - naturally grown trees leave the land in its natural condition so that all the other trees, plants, soils, streams, birds and wildlife can enjoy a pristine environment that does no harm to them. 

Second - when we harvest our trees at Santa Rosa, we do not "kill" them. Our trees are cut to leave a 4 - 6 inch stem in the ground with a lower branch remaining. The result is that a new tree grows from the same stem! And with the mature root system already in place, the new tree is ready for harvest in half the time. The cycle of life for that tree continues indefinitely.

Third - young, new growth trees consume the greatest amount of CO2 in the lifetime of a tree - up to 8 times as much carbon consumption as an older, more mature tree. So they are incredibly beneficial to the environment.

Fourth - once you are finished with your Christmas tree, it is chipped into wood chips for organic use - not thrown in a landfill like plastic or synthetic trees and left for centuries.

We love our land and our trees, and we feel great about how we grow them. We hope you will too.

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